Office Window Tinting

Office tinting in Sydney is the most effective way to cut your business costs down. Window tinting film greatly reduces the use of air conditioning which will save you thousands on your yearly energy bills and also reduce overheads that make up 70% of a business costs.

Window tinting an office can reject up to 80% of that unwanted heat that makes office work difficult. Here are some more great reasons to get your commercial premises windows tinted:

Office Window Tinting Shades

Office Tint in Sydney reduces glare that causes eye strain

Our solar films reduce the impact of glare caused by the sun which helps to create a nice working environment by reducing the suns effects on computer screens making working more comfortable and employees more efficient.

Tinting office windows in Sydney can stop UV fading

We use high quality window tint films with 99% UV protection which will protect your carpets, flooring and expensive furnishings from fading saving you money on future replacements.

Glass tinting increases privacy

Tinted glass windows can give you day time privacy.

Cut down carbon emissions

Window tinting reduces energy consumption which will cut down carbon emissions reducing impact on our planet.

Office Window Tinting Film Specs

Film Type Appearance Visible Light Transmission Solar Energy Rejection Visible Light Reflectance Glare Reduction
Clear Glass clear 89% 14% 8% 0%
DN 60 neutral 63% 30% 11% 29%
DN 50 neutral 49% 39% 14% 45%
DN 35 neutral 37% 45% 18% 58%
DN 20 neutral 22% 60% 26% 75%
DN 15 neutral 18% 62% 19% 80%
DN 35 EXT neutral 37% 49% 16% 58%
DN 20 EXT neutral 22% 63% 26% 75%

Office Window Tinting in Sydney Pics

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Safety Security Window Films

Safety and Security films are designed to hold glass together if it breaks.

Safety films are made thicker and designed to prevent shards of glass scattering into the room where they can injure people.

We use Johnson Window Films a film manufacturer in the US that has been around for over 40 years making the best window tinting films in the world that they back up with a lifetime warranty.

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