Car Window Tinting

Window tinting a car in Sydney is a very important addition to add to your vehicle as it has so many great benefits like.

  • Decreases heat in your car.
  • Stops your interior from fading.
  • Stops your skin from getting sun damage or cancers.
  • Cuts out glare, reducing eye strain.
  • Increases safety and security.
  • Enhances your cars appearance greatly.

With all these great and important benefits tinting your car should be first on the list of things to add to your vehicle in Sydney.

Car Window Tinting Shades

MN 35
MN 15
MN 05

Exclusive Tint Sydney uses the best window tint films to suit peoples budgets. We have window films with lifetime warranty backed by the manufacturer. We can tint a car without removing the door trims. We also tint all rear windows in one piece so there are no joins. We also get the tint to the top edge of the glass so there is no gaps when you wind your windows down.

Car Window Tinting Video

Here is a video of our car window tinting extraordinaire tinting a Porsche 4S

Requirements for Mobile Window Tinting Service

We can provide a mobile window tinting Sydney service only if you have a double garage or a small warehouse space that is empty and has good bright lighting so we can see what we are doing. Its best to call and speak to us about this service.

Vehicle tinting should not be done outside as the elements like wind and rain make it an impossible mission. Car tinting removal is a more difficult process and we would need you to bring your car to our garage location to get it done right.

We are the only tint service that has video’s of our car tinting work and this was implemented by the owner George so that customers can watch and see the passionate and detailed art work that goes into car window tinting so once you have watched them give us a call and speak to us about your car tinting enquiry.

Car Window Tinting Film Specs

Film Type Visible Light Transmission Solar Energy Rejection Visible Light Reflectance Glare Reduction
Clear Glass 88% 18% 8% 0%
MN 35 37% 43% 7% 58%
MN 15 12% 58% 5% 86%
MN 05 5% 60% 6% 94%