Window Tinting Parramatta

Exclusive Tint is a highly sort after window tinting Parramatta service with years of extensive experience and our high end clientele we pride ourselves on quality. We are not a franchise and we use the best window films on the market to tint your car, home or offices in Parramatta. George the owner/tinter is one of the most passionate window tinting professionals you will ever meet he loves the fine detailed art of car tinting. He has taken the Australian tinting industry to another level by implementing videos of his passionate work on his website and his unique methods of window tinting.

Window Tinting Video

Car Window Tinting

Vehicle window tinting is an essential upgrade as it enhances the look of a car and at the same time protects the interior and passengers from the suns damaging rays which can cause fading to the interior and cancers to the passengers inside the car.

We use a range of window tinting films to suit your budget and we offer the three most popular shades. Exclusive Tint Parramatta uses the latest methods to tint a cars windows such as one piece film that we shrink on the rear windows so there are no joins, custom fit the film to the top edge of the windows so there are no gaps. We don’t remove the door trims of most cars when we tint them to reduce the chance of breakage.

Home and Office Tinting Benefits

Window tinting a home or office has many great benefits one of the most important ones is it will save on your energy bills as it helps to greatly reduce the use of your air conditioner. The quality window tint that we use is a high heat rejecting film which greatly rejects heat and harmful UV rays which can fade your expensive furnishings and floorings.

Window Tinting Shades

MN 35
MN 15
MN 05

Window Tinting Shade Specs

Film Type Visible Light Transmission Solar Energy Rejection Visible Light Reflectance Glare Reduction
Clear Glass 88% 18% 8% 0%
MN 35 37% 43% 7% 58%
MN 15 12% 58% 5% 86%
MN 05 5% 60% 6% 94%

Mobile Window Tinting Parramatta Service

Ideally for a mobile window tinting Parramatta service we will need a minimum size of a empty double garage or a small warehouse that is dust free and has good lighting so we can see what we are doing. We will not tint a car under a car port or outside as wind blows dust around and will get under the film.

If you need a window tinting Parramatta service for your car, home or office call and speak to our passionate and friendly team at Exclusive Tint Parramatta.