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Window Tinting Sydney

Exclusive tint Sydney has been providing great solutions to protect your car, home or office commercial premises from the sun's damaging rays. We have been an established business for over 10 years providing only the best window tint films and services in Sydney.

Window Film Benefits

Window films are a great way to protect your property from the damaging effects of the sun by applying window tint to your glass you can block these unwanted rays by 99%. Window films that we use have metal particles in them to help them to last much longer and reject much more solar energy away from your glass windows.
Glass tinting can save you thousands on your home or office energy bills as it will help to control temperature and reduce the use of air-conditioning.

Enhance Image

Window tinting modernizes the look of your home or office in Sydney as well as protecting them from the sun and theft. Tinted windows on a car are one of the least expensive upgrades and make your car look so much better than not having a tint.

Safety and Security

There are so many types of window tint to chose from, you can get thicker films to protect your home or office in case of break-ins or smash and grabs. A thicker film will stop the glass from breaking through and will hold it together making it impossible for something getting through.

Special Car Window Tinting Methods

Exclusive tint Sydney uses a unique method to apply the tint to a car where the door trims on most models are not removed so nothing gets damaged in the process. This is a technique that we have mastered over the years and you can see us implementing in our tinting videos.

Mobile Window Tinting Sydney Service

You will need the following for a mobile tinting service:

  • An indoor space (empty clean double garage or bigger)
  • Powerpoint for our electrical tools.
  • Bright and clean space.

Car Window Tinting Video


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